Industrial X-ray inspection (2D)

If the inspection of your component must be non-destructive, inexpensive and still provide relevant information, then our X-ray inspection using 2D is the right solution. Just contact us. We look forward to getting to know you and your component better.

For decades, industrial X-ray inspection (RT) has proven its worth in everyday quality assurance, and provides manufacturers and product managers with a non-destructive insight into the inside of your components. Based on these basic two-dimensional insights, statements about the component quality can be derived quickly, cost-effectively and if necessary, measures can be taken as a result.

Fields of application for RT testing

  • Defect assessment (pores, voids, porosity, etc.)
  • Assembly and assembly analysis
  • Preliminary inspection for other test methods

Advantages of RT Testing

  • Testing in live image (speed)
  • Cost-effective testing (price)
  • High volume testing (duration)

Our RT specialists will be happy to assist you personally under the respective contact details or alternatively via our inquiry form.