In-line/at-line cells (RT and CT)

Implementation of inspection solutions in your facility We integrate our quality assurance through a test cell into your production line (in-line) or in the immediate vicinity (at-line by means of a robot for example). This allows you to benefit from short distances, fast response times and low investment costs to enables high speed testing of your components. In addition, you can equip your inspection cell with a 3D CT inspection system. This allows you to inspect any of your components from any perspective and gain the maximum advantage.

We work out all necessary processes in cooperation with the test cell manufacturer and tailor them to your needs.

Fields of application of in-/atline testing at your site

  • Serial inspection of industrial components (RT and CT)
  • Industrial testing of fixed and defined part aspects (RT and CT)

Advantages of in/atline testing at your site

  • Short response times
  • Reduction or even elimination of your logistics and associated costs
  • Fast return of the inspected components to your production line
  • No high investment costs due to invoicing per part
  • VCxray takes responsibility for the solution and, if necessary, for staffing.

Due to the complexity of in-line and at-line cells and the high customer-specific character, we ask you to use the prefabricated inquiry form ____ for an initial evaluation. After reviewing the data, we will contact you immediately.